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When to Consider Stem Cell Therapy For Your Sports Injury

When to Consider Stem Cell Therapy For Your Sports Injury

When you play sports, you’re at an increased risk for specific injuries, including sprains and tendon injuries. Many sports injuries heal with conservative measures, while others become chronic.

After suffering an injury that doesn’t seem to get better, the team at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers stem cell therapy to heal your injury from the inside out.

Our team comprises six board-certified orthopedic surgeons who provide you with the newest technology so you can get back to the sport and activities you love.

Common sports injuries

Sporting activities are a fantastic way to have fun, stay in shape, and stay physically active without the gym. All kinds of sports are enjoyable, including basketball, soccer, and football.

However, when you’re involved in sports, you’re at risk for musculoskeletal injuries, which include the following:

These injuries can be mild to severe, depending on the trauma you sustained while playing sports. You usually require medical treatment following an injury, from home care to surgery.

Typically, we treat sports injuries conservatively when appropriate. These treatments include physical therapy, injections, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.

However, these treatments are only sometimes effective in treating more severe sports injuries. You may require surgery, or we can offer you regenerative medicine in the form of stem cell therapy.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are your body’s most basic cells that can transform into any other cell your body needs. In perfect conditions, your body can divide into daughter cells.

We can also harvest your stem cells and help them divide into daughter cells in our lab. The daughter cells can then become more stem cells or turn into other specialized cells your body needs, including:

None of the other cells in your body can turn into specialized cells like stem cells. That ability makes them an excellent choice for regenerative medicine for various conditions, including sports injuries.

Stem cells and sports injuries

After a sports injury, you often require treatment, whether it be conservative or surgical. Somewhere between those two options is trying stem cell therapy to help heal your injury.

Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine team quickly evaluates your injury to provide you with options for treatment. We use stem cell therapy for multiple types of injuries, including those to your:

Anytime you’ve suffered an injury to one of these tissues, stem cell therapy can help. You should consider stem cell therapy when you want to heal your tissues instead of simply bandaging the problem with medications.

Consider stem cell therapy if you want to return to normal activities without deficits. As the stem cells work, they help regenerate your injured tissues, ultimately repairing the injury with your cells.

Stem cells are also an option when we recommend surgery to repair your injury. We inject the stem cells over the repaired tissues to help the injury heal from the inside out.

If you’ve suffered a sports injury and want to learn if stem cell therapy can help, call us at one of our three locations in McKinney, Prosper, and Sherman, Texas, to schedule a consultation. You may also request an appointment on the website.

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