We offer a walk-in clinic for sudden injuries Monday through Friday in both Prosper and McKinney!

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Patient Testimonials


Dr Snow performed a total knee replacement for me and I had a great experience with him and the staff at Alpha Orthopedics. The results are excellent two months after the surgery.

Charles R


I have seen many doctors over the years for my knees. Dr. Thompson by far has been more professional and knowledgeable than any other. My ACL surgery was success and I completely trust him to do the same surgery on my other knee. By far the best of the best!



I called on Monday for an appointment and Sierra helped me with my pcp referral. I was able to get in on Wednesday with Dr Snow. All employees were very helpful and efficient.



Alpha Orthopedics did a great job. Staff goes above and beyond for their patients. Doctor Snow was very understanding and caring. I highly recommend any and everyone that has an injury to come here and get treated.



I have unfortunately had two torn ACLs and some torn cartilage resulting in multiple surgeries, all performed by Dr. Thompson

Nathan -Two torn ACLs


ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dr T and Brian! The staff is AWESOME!! they care about my needs and do everything possible to reduce any pain I had from the surgeries I had on my leg. I had my tibia crushed and another Dr did the first procedure, leaving an uneven tibia plateau and severe arthritis. Dr T and Brian were GREAT. They went in twice to remove and clean up the bones and hardware and did a full knee replacement. They were also wonderful with my 3 year old daughter, taking time to talk to her and make her feel important to the situation.

Brian made sure that all our questions and concerns were addressed, making sure I had everything I needed to heal comfortably. I recommend these Dr’s to anyone looking to get ANYTHING taken care of.

Mike — Crushed Tibia


Dr. and his staff are fabulous. I had two hip replacements and my experience was great. From my initial contact with his office and all through the treatment process, everyone has been friendly, professional and answered all of …MoreDr. and his staff are fabulous. I had two hip replacements and my experience was great. From my initial contact with his office and all through the treatment process, everyone has been friendly, professional and answered all of my questions. My pain in my hips are gone and I feel wonderful! Thank you so much Dr. and staff!!!

Emily — Two hip replacements


Thank you so much for being such a kind, thoughtful healthcare professional and a genuine person. I came in for what turned out to be nothing, but the difference you made is anything but. During our few brief encounters you displayed a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise, but more importantly, you displayed a sense of compassion unlike anything I have ever seen before. I knew right away I could trust you to do what was best for me!

When I booked my appointment I feared I would be shrugged off or ridiculed because I am no longer the athlete I once was. When you walked in and introduced yourself, you made me feel very comfortable and all that anxiety went out the window. Even though my injury was minor, you never made me feel like I was wasting your time. Because of you, I am now able to use this as a wake-up call to become more active instead of discouraged.

Thank you for providing me with the best care I ever could have asked for!

Ashley — Right Knee Joint Pain


Thank you so much for being such an attentive and kind physician to myself and my family. You are building such a great reputation, kind words are being spoken about you throughout the community. So, keep up the stellar work and may God continue to guide you as you embark upon this new endeavor.

Lloyd, Monica & Kyle


My primary care physician told me that due to the osteoarthritis in my hip I would eventually need a hip replacement. I’ve always been physically active and was, therefore, very concerned about the amount of down time hip surgery would require. After a year of complaining about hip pain a friend suggested I attend one of the free joint replacement seminars Dr. hosts. I’m so glad I did!

Dr. spent the better part of two hours explaining the surgery and answering questions from the audience. He assured me that with his technique involving robotic assisted surgery there would be minimal down time. After an office visit Dr. confirmed my physician’s assessment that I needed total hip replacement. I decided to go ahead with the surgery. Everyone at Methodist Hospital in McKinney – from admittance to recovery – was professional in every way. I was amazed that I could actually walk the first day after surgery! There was very little pain due to Dr. ’s technique, and I actually stopped taking pain relievers after the first week. I was back at work in two weeks, only needed a cane for about three weeks, and at 6 weeks post-surgery I was walking a mile a day with no problems at all. I don’t know if my experience is exceptional or routine but I am absolutely satisfied with the outcome.

Dr. gets my highest recommendation.

Zelda — Robotic Hip Replacement


Your kindness really made a difference… Your thoughtfulness really touched our hearts. The gratitude we feel really can’t be put into words. Thank you for the wonderful care you all have given throughout this exciting journey. You have walked with us with a caring heart. Sometimes leading and showing the way, at times walking beside us, and now supporting this life-long journey. We cannot say/tell enough people how you all are THE BEST – second to none! What a joy you have made this entire experience!

From the first phone call to schedule the first appointment, the first time Dr. entered the room with his incredible knowledge, skill, empathy, wisdom (and the list goes on…), there has been a strong sense of peace and joy being in your pristine/stellar care. We still talk about how Dr. beamed when talking/telling us about Brian, his right-hand man, as well as his entire team of people! He is so proud of each one of you – that is why each one of you know how important you are to each patient! You each have made such a difference and we cannot begin to express our heart-felt gratitude! We have heard how he proudly shares and believes in each of you! You all are a powerful, collaborative, cooperative strong team. Thank you for being the “whole village” to walk us through this exciting journey.

Thank you Dr. , Brian, Dr. ’s right hand man, and the Alpha Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Team for being the constant presence. Blessings and gratitude for your care, your patience, your understanding! This has been an Alpha experience – the first steps to a new life! You all are a celebration! Thank you again for my new life. When coming to see wonderful Dr. , Brian, and the Alpha Team, we just get so excited because you gave me back the joy in my life! I can move/live without pain. There are no words to thank you for my life and for being there each and every step. We have had the kind of care people dream of having – you are the best of all – the ideal physician/surgeon, PA and team!

Brenda — Bilateral Hip Replacement


To: Dr. Charles , his RNs, the Medical Center of McKinney and all their staff from the beginning until the end of my office visit and my knee surgery. I would like to thank all of you for your loving kindness, caring, hospitality and your expertise in knowing how to make a person or patient your first priority to feel good and get well soon. I will be recommending all my friends and others of your office and staff if they ever need Dr. ’s services in the future. May God bless you all and continue doing what you do best and that’s helping and caring for others.

Maggie — Right Knee Replacement

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