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Stem Cell Therapy

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When medications and other treatments of orthopedic injury or degenerative disease aren’t enough to ease the chronic pain, the experienced physicians at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can help. At their clinics in McKinney, Prosper, and Sherman, Texas, the orthopedic specialists offer stem cell therapy to help you heal from the inside out. You can enjoy long-term pain relief and increased function using the power of stem cells. Find out if you’re a good candidate for stem cell therapy by calling the clinic nearest you or booking an appointment online today.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is an innovative treatment that uses the power of human stem cells to regenerate damaged bones, ligaments, and other tissues. The medical team at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offer two in-office stem cell therapies, the goal of which is to ease or eliminate your pain and limited mobility caused by injury or degenerative disease.

The team uses your own stem cells found in your bone marrow or fat tissue. This is called bone marrow concentrate (BMC). These stem cells have the unique ability to change themselves into different tissues — including bone, heart, nerve, and muscle — to repair damaged tissue.

The staff at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine also offers stem cell therapy using amniotic fluids obtained from full-term, cesarean section births. The fluid is prescreened for safety and doesn’t interfere with the health of the baby or the mother.

Amniotic fluids also contain growth factors and hormones that stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. These fluids also have a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which can reduce joint inflammation and enhance mobility.

Do I qualify for stem cell therapy?

The medical team at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine will evaluate your overall health, your condition, and the severity of your symptoms to determine if stem cell therapy is a good choice for you.

In some cases, your physician will recommend other treatments to address pain and other symptoms of an injury or disease. If these therapies don’t provide long-term symptom relief, your Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physician could then suggest regenerative therapy using stem cells.

How long does it take to see the results of stem cell therapy?

It can take several weeks after your stem cell injections to see a difference in the severity of your pain and mobility issues. Stem cells need time to regenerate and replace damaged cells, but over time your pain should ease and your function should continue to improve.

The medical team at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine continue to monitor your progress following your stem cell therapy. They might also recommend physical therapy and at-home exercises to strengthen the treatment area and increase your range of motion.

Find out more about the benefits of innovative stem cell therapy by calling Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine or request an appointment using the online booking feature.