We offer a walk-in clinic for sudden injuries Monday through Friday in both Propser and McKinney!

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Fast-Track Your Recovery: Why Immediate Care at Our Walk-in Orthopedic Clinic Matters

Fast-Track Your Recovery: Why Immediate Care at Our Walk-in Orthopedic Clinic Matters

Sprains, strains, and broken bones are orthopedic injuries that happen quickly but can leave you sidelined for weeks to months. After an injury, your head is probably spinning, and you're wondering what to do next.

Fast and efficient treatment is the best way to prevent an orthopedic injury, but emergency rooms can take hours to provide care. A walk-in orthopedic clinic is the quickest and easiest route to get the treatment you need.

At Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our team offers a friendly and convenient walk-in clinic for all your orthopedic needs. Dr. Brian Snow and Dr. Jon Thompson provide fast and efficient care to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

What is a walk-in orthopedic clinic?

After an injury, you have several options for care; an emergency room, a doctor’s office, and urgent care can all help, but you may be waiting a significant amount of time for treatment.

An orthopedic injury or condition often requires a specialist to diagnose and treat the problem for a fast recovery — but that can take months to get in, right? Our orthopedic walk-in clinic answers all your orthopedic injuries and needs.

Our orthopedic walk-in clinic is a fast track to phenomenal care and customized treatments without needing an appointment. After a sprain, fracture, or dislocation, you walk into the clinic, and we'll see you and have you on your way quickly.

An orthopedic walk-in clinic is similar to urgent care, except we specialize in orthopedic injuries and conditions. The benefit is specialized care at a lower cost and quicker treatments and recovery times.

Our orthopedic walk-in clinic is a mini version of an emergency room for orthopedics. We offer on-site digital X-rays, casting or bracing, and orthopedic devices like crutches if necessary.

The benefit is that you can walk in and be seen quicker compared with an ER or traditional urgent care. It's a one-stop shop for your immediate orthopedic needs, and we staff it with sports medicine and orthopedic specialists.

Injuries that require a visit to our clinic

The significant aspect of our orthopedic walk-in clinic is the quick and efficient care we offer for various orthopedic injuries. The sooner you come in for care, the earlier your recovery starts and the quicker you can return to the things you love.

Not every injury requires expert treatment, but knowing when to come in for treatment is essential. We advise visiting our orthopedic walk-in clinic for the following injuries:

We quickly evaluate and treat any of the above injuries in kids, teens, and adults. We offer on-site diagnostic testing and treatment and often recommend follow-up care to assess your recovery progress.

Treatments we offer at the walk-in clinic

Our orthopedic walk-in clinic is highly versatile, providing various treatments and therapies to begin recovery. Some of the treatments you may encounter include the following:

On-site imaging allows our team to quickly evaluate your injury and provide you with the best care for your needs. The added benefit is you get to go home right after we treat the injury to begin the recovery process.

Our walk-in orthopedic clinic is the answer to all of your orthopedic needs. It allows you to get quick and efficient treatment and promptly return to your active lifestyle.

Don't hesitate to walk into one of our orthopedic clinics in Sherman, Prosper, and McKinney, Texas, today for an orthopedic injury or request a consultation on the website.

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