We offer a walk-in clinic for sudden injuries Monday through Friday in both Propser and McKinney!

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When Should I Use Walk-In Clinic Injury Services?

When Should I Use Walk-In Clinic Injury Services?

Living an active lifestyle means you’re going to get hurt at some point. However, thinking of sitting in a busy emergency room (ER) for a minor injury is painful. That’s why our state-of-the-art walk-in injury clinic is the place to be if you’re dealing with a minor issue.

At Alpha Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, our specialized team of doctors is ready to provide you with the best treatments available when you’re hurt. Our team of six board-certified orthopedic surgeons is happy to provide fast and efficient care at our convenient walk-in injury clinic.

ER vs. clinic — what’s the difference?

Walk-in urgent care clinics are popping up all over the country — but what’s the big deal? The ER is your one-stop shop for every issue that pops up, right? 

The truth is, ER are for just that — true emergencies. If you’re have chest pain or injuries from a severe car accident, the ER is right for you.

But what if you’ve suffered a minor injury such as a sprain or strain? Does it make sense to sit in the ER waiting room for hours, hoping that you’ll be called next? It doesn’t seem like the best plan, right?

This is where walk-in orthopedic urgent cares come into play. These facilities are in place for just that reason. They aren’t for life-threatening emergencies; instead, they’re set up to help you get fast treatment for minor injuries or issues that pop up suddenly.

The ER is equipped to deal with just about anything — from heart attacks to strokes, they’re ready to help. However, the ER is inconvenient when you simply need an X-ray, as you’re waiting behind more concerning issues.

The walk-in clinic is the perfect place to come when you don’t have a serious or life-threatening injury. If you’re simply in need of a quick diagnosis and treatment for a minor or moderate injury, our urgent care team is here to help. 

The types of injuries our clinic treats

Unfortunately, no crystal ball tells you when you will get hurt. This is why our walk-in injury clinic is in place. Treatment for a minor injury won't take as long as in the ER.

Our walk-in clinic is in place to help you get fast and efficient treatment when you have an orthopedic injury. Whether you’ve slipped in your house or managed to hurt yourself rounding third base, our team is ready to help you when you suffer any of the following injuries:

Sometimes, your injury may be more severe than you initially thought. Our team can still help stabilize your injury until you receive further treatment.

Our walk-in orthopedic clinic is the place to go when you need a quick diagnosis and efficient treatment.

Treatments available at our clinic

When you come into our walk-in injury clinic, you can expect the absolute best care. After you check in, you’ll be taken into a treatment room for evaluation. One of our team members evaluates your injury and performs a physical exam.

If you need imaging studies, our facility has the means to provide you with X-ray imaging when necessary. This aids in the fast and efficient diagnosis of the problem.

Once our team determines the cause of your injury, they offer several treatments, including:

Prescription medications

If you need pain medications or other prescriptions related to your injury, our team can write them on site. This diminishes the need to wait in the emergency room for a minor injury.

Casting or bracing

Broken bones and sprains may require casting or bracing. There’s no need to take a trip to the ER for these services. Our walk-in clinic provides all of these services, all under the same roof.

Assistive devices

An injury may mean you need crutches or a walker to get around while you heal. Our team offers assistive devices at our walk-in clinic. This means you get your diagnosis, treatment, and post-injury care all in the same place.

Our team also provides personalized care at our walk-in clinic. If your injury requires follow-up appointments or a consultation with one of our surgeons, our team helps you set up these specialized consultations. 

If you need expert orthopedic care, call our team at one of our three locations in McKinney, Prosper, and Sherman, Texas, to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists. You can also send the team a message on the website to book a consultation.

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