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The Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

Would you trust your joints to a robot? Robotic-assisted surgery, especially joint replacement surgery, has ushered orthopedic surgery into a new era, but don’t worry. Medical doctors still make decisions in the operating room.

The most common robotic-assisted joint replacement procedures are partial knee resurfacing and full knee and hip replacements.

Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Brian Snow, Dr. Charles Toulson, and Dr. Duncan McKellar Jr.’s enthusiastic inclusion of this technology into their practice is bringing greater quality of life to our community.  

Why get a joint replaced?

If osteoarthritis — joint damage caused by repetitive movement — or decades of common sports injuries have lowered your quality of life to the point where you’re in chronic pain, there may be no option other than joint replacement for long-lasting or permanent pain relief.

At Alpha Orthopedics, we carefully assess your condition to make sure you’re a candidate for this type of surgery. The results for our patients have been impressive. There’s really no substitute for living life pain-free. 

You can feel confident that whichever orthopedic surgeon on our team performs your joint replacement, he wields an unparalleled blend of skill and precision as he employs the revolutionary MakoⓇ robotic arm — just one of many sophisticated tools in our healing arsenal. 

The robot simply assists the surgeon

The procedure is wonderfully streamlined, and the robotic arm is capable of fine movements that the human hand cannot execute. Your surgeon uses a remote device to direct the robotic arm, which then painstakingly excises any diseased or damaged tissue affecting your joint. 

This clears the path for the insertion of your new synthetic joint. The arm enables your surgeon to place the implant in exactly the right location for an optimal range of movement and comfort. 

Our physicians in no way take a back seat during robotic-assisted surgery. The robotic equipment is just that: a revolutionary tool that helps your surgeon provide the best intervention possible. 

Does robotic-assisted surgery really offer more benefits?

Yes! In a word, the difference is precision. The Mako robotic-arm allows your surgeon to chart your procedure almost down to each movement, plus healing and recovery are notably quicker and you experience less pain, which means you’re out of the hospital faster. Who doesn’t want that?

The robotic arm allows your surgeon to better protect the tissues surrounding your surgical site. The implant or components that replace your old joints are typically made from metal, ceramic, or plastic. Robotic assistance allows your surgeon to place your implant more efficiently. And robotic surgery leaves much smaller and less invasive scars than does traditional surgery.

As a bonus, robotically replaced joints have a longer lifespan than conventional ones, and they have a lower failure rate.

In addition, your physician can get a 3D virtual model of your hip or knee, which serves as the user-customized foundation for your entire surgical experience. No two people’s joints are alike, and the Mako system was designed with this in mind.

Am I a candidate for robotic-assisted joint replacement?

You can get on the fast track to less pain, more movement, and the ability to enjoy favorite activities you’ve had to give up. Look into robotic-assisted joint replacement sooner rather than later. 

Call one of our four locations or book an appointment online to learn if you’re a candidate for this superior joint replacement option. You’ll be that much closer to remembering what life was like before you had to make accommodations for your chronic hip or knee pain.

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